The Partners

Matt Hagger Consumer and social internet / mobile

Eugene Kouumdjieff Enterprise / software-as-a-service

The moment he had finished his education, Matt Hagger, Co-Founded Global Intermedia Ltd with his close friend Eugene Kouumdjieff. The pair began life in a shared house with nothing but a telephone, a 28k dial up internet connection, an old PC and the yellow pages, barely able to survive. Living, eating, drinking and sleeping the start up, 5 months later they had generated over £50,000 in advertising revenue through 500 signed contracts with local Cambridgesgire companies, which they used to set up their first project: ‘The Cambridge 2000 Initiative’. The local directory, introduced the benefits of having a web site, to small business owners at a cost of £99 per year. With the backing of the local council the project was a huge success!

The pair had greater aspirations through and with the profits, after building and managing the directory, they set up Global Intermedia's 2nd venture, (e-Man) and hired their first full-time coder and designer. Setting up e-Man was required to protect the IP of their big idea; building innovative, real-time technology, for the entertainments’ sector. Their first application (2000) was desk top client and server side technology, ‘Net Sorcerer’. This provided real time filtered news content, direct to the desktop. (Running on 28k and later 52k dial up connections) This patent pending application was the first of it’s kind globally and with no patents filed against it E-Man were granted over £100,000 in funding from the Government (DTI) to complete the project.

This work provided the early bench top prototype for Sky Sports and other media companies’ news alerts’ strategies. At just 22, Matthew introduced and provided consultancy to McDonalds, Sky, Warner Music, HSBC, Universal Studios and Disney on how to best deliver desktop client technology within each of these companies’marketing communications strategy.

E-Man has grown since it’s formation in 2000 into an established agency employing 18 staff and boasting 7 figure turnover's with offices in London and Silicon Valley. The company has since worked on projects connected to National Geographic, NHS, Martell Cognac, 20th Century Fox, Mirmax, Paramount Home Entertainment and Disney. After investment in a datacentre, e-Man support launched in 2004, which is a profitable hosting and support business for a variety of companies.

However, their love to innovate inevitably led to expansion from working with recognised brands back itno the start up arena, where the agency has been working since 2006.

Using the resource base and skills set of e-Man, Global Intermedia Ltd, have spent the last 3 years assisting new and fledgling start ups, investing in numerous projects.

2010 is set to be our biggest year to date with the launch of two highly ambitious and anticipated new technology ventures, and . Both are introducing new technology to solve challenges in the enterprise tools and real-time broadcasting/search space.



















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